A personal message from
College of DuPage President
Robert L. Breuder

Dear Neighbors,

If your impression of community colleges comes from movies or television, you might want to get a second opinion.
Because you live in this district, or run a business here, you’re blessed with COD’s remarkable educational resources and high academic standards—two qualities that are making a significant difference for our students and those who recruit them for employment or additional education.
At COD, whether students enroll for a course or two, an associate’s degree or a professional certification, our standards are acclaimed by employers, four-year institutions and graduate schools alike.
Our 3+1 programs, for example, show that respected colleges and universities want to partner with COD to jointly educate people from our community while improving the convenience and reducing the cost of higher education. These programs, as you will read elsewhere in impact, are an incredible opportuntity to earn an entire four-year degree for less than $34,000.
A recent analysis by DePaul University found that COD students who transfer to that school have a first-year retention rate of 88.2 percent, a four-year graduation rate of 71.6 percent and an average GPA of 3.3. These figures meet or even exceed transfers from other 2- and 4-year schools and show how well we’re preparing our students for additional education.
Beyond mere statistics, we see remarkable student success stories: people who’ve started at COD and gone on to earn bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees; people who’ve gone on to fascinating careers, from the arts to the sciences and many professions in between.
Quality academics matter. At COD, we’re proud to deliver them to you and yours.


Dr. Robert L. Breuder
President, College of DuPage