A personal message from
College of DuPage President
Robert L. Breuder

Dear Neighbors,

The times they are a-changin.’
Author Isaac Asimov once said, “The only constant is change, continuing change, inevitable change. That is the dominant factor in society today. No sensible decision can be made any longer without taking into account not only the world as it is, but the world as it will be.”
At College of DuPage, we are change agents. We make changes in the life of our college so that our students may more effectively manage change in their lives. That, of course, helps all of us manage change in our state and community.
In this issue of impact, you’ll see examples of change that works:
  • U.S. veterans returning from war only to face significant changes in their lives and careers;
  • Business and community partners wanting and needing changes in what colleges such as ours teach and how;
  • Students finding or changing jobs with the help of COD training;
  • Innovative COD programs, equipment and facilities that change what and how we teach;
  • A faculty member who serves as a role model of adaptability for our students not only because of his industry experience, but because his career has evolved time and again.
Business coach and author Ron Ernst once said, “We’re managing a river, not a dam.”
And so we are.
That’s why College of DuPage is continuously and deliberately changing to serve the changing needs of our students, the evolving requirements of organizations that employ them, and the current and future interests of the community we call home.


Dr. Robert L. Breuder
President, College of DuPage