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Manufacturing Technology
Manufacturing Technology

The Manufacturing Technology program provides training in a wide variety of skill areas of product manufacturing and services.


Adaptation and innovation are crucial in today’s challenging economy. College of DuPage stays a step ahead of the curve by regularly introducing new programs in emerging industries and professions that are experiencing rapid growth; developing new programs for emerging fields; and providing training in new skills for existing career areas. The College continues to monitor national, state and local employment trends to ensure that you receive the most valuable and up-to-date training.
With the addition of these new college credit offerings, the College now gives you a choice of 77 associate degrees and 151 certificates. Visit our website,, for more complete information on these latest additions or any of our other academic programs.

Fashion Apparel Production Degree and Certificate
(Business and Technology)
Produce design collections for profit using apparel industry standards. Both the degree and certificate programs feature hands-on studio courses that focus on creating a marketable collection and taking it through the steps of production and marketing.
Types of Jobs: Fashion Designer, Tailor, Dressmaker, Custom Sewer, Patternmaker, Textile and Apparel Worker, Craft Artist

Voice over IP Telephony Specialist Certificate
(Computer and Internetworking Technologies)
The Voice over Internet Protocol Telephony Specialist certificate provides a foundation in design, installation, troubleshooting, and the use of Voice over IP software and hardware. It is part of the Cisco Certified Voice Professional program.
Types of Jobs: Telecommunications Specialist, VOIP Engineer, Network Analyst, IP Telephony Communications Engineer, Project Manager (VOIP), Network Convergence VOIP Consultant, VOIP Systems Engineer, IP Telephony Systems Architect

Wine Appreciation and Knowledge Certificate
(Culinary and Hospitality Management)
Study influences and techniques that impact the aroma, flavor, body and style of wines, and understand how certain practices affect wine flavor. Learn what constitutes perfect ripeness for each region of the world.
Types of Jobs: Sommelier, Restaurant Owner

Homeland Security Degree
(Criminal Justice)
Increase your knowledge of public safety, public health, security management, law enforcement and also corporate, in-house security programs. Designed for those working in public administration, this degree provides an introduction to threats posed by domestic and international terrorism, the concepts of emergency management, and strategies for preventing, responding and countering terrorism, natural disasters and other catastrophic events. 
Types of Jobs: Law Enforcement Officers, Transportation and Border Security Personnel, Emergency Preparedness Personnel, Private Security Officers

Emergency Management Certificate
(Criminal Justice)
This program teaches you the proactive aspects of planning and strategy, and reactive aspects of crisis management and organizational continuity. Emergency management job growth is expected to increase substantially through at least 2018. This certificate is ideal for either new students, or those already employed in the field who wish to enhance their careers.
Types of Jobs: Private Security, Homeland Security and Emergency Management Positions

Computed Tomography Certificate
(Diagnostic Medical Imaging Radiography)
Become a CT technologist in the medical imaging department of a hospital, medical center or freestanding medical imaging facility in three semesters. Receive hands-on instruction using a CT scanner donated by Adventist Hinsdale Hospital. COD is the only community college in the nation to own this piece of equipment.
Types of Jobs: Computed Tomography Technologists

Geographic Information Systems Certificate
In six classes, cover a broad range of GIS topics, including terminology, data management, map design, geodatabases, spatial queries, spatial analysis, project development and design, and problem solving. The program emphasizes a real-world approach to the GIS sciences.
Types of Jobs: GIS Technicians

Veterans Counseling Certificate
(Human Services)
The first of its kind in Illinois, this certificate offers you specialized knowledge and techniques for working with veterans. Aimed at both college students and practicing clinicians, it meets a growing demand for professionals trained to handle the unique issues faced by those who serve our country.  
Types of Jobs: Counselors, Social Workers, Entry-level Workers in Hospitals, Homeless Shelters and Treatment Centers

For general information about any of the College’s new degrees and certificates, please contact the Admissions Office at (630) 942-2380.


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